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Gem & Gem Identification

Teaches about nearly 50 types of Coloures Gems & how to identify them scientifically.


1. Gemology - an Introduction

2. Origin and Occurrence of Gemstones

3. Crystal Systems in Gemstones

4. Various species & varieties of Gemstones

5. Gems & Light

6. Refractive Index and It's Measurment

7. Polarioscope - It's Principle and Working

8. Pleochroism and Dichroscope

9. Specific Gravity and Gemstones

10. The Microscope and its working

11. Inclusions in Gems

12. Fluorescence and Gems

13. The Spectroscope and its working

14. Optical Phenomenon

(i) Chatoyancy (ii) Asterism (iii) Adlureseence

(iv) Play of colour (v) Irridescence (vi) Change of colour

15. Nature & Working of Gems & Jewellery Industry

16. Optic Figure

17. Miscellaneous Tests :-

(i) Chelsea filter (ii) Hot point test (iii) Streak Test etc

18. Gem Shapes & Cutting Styles

19. Various Gems & Their Identification

(i) Diamond (ii) Ruby (iii) Sapphire (iv) Emeralds

(v) Spinel (vi) Chrysoberyl (vi) Pearl, etc.


Three Months

Timing Options

9.30 - 11.00 A.M.

3.30 - 5.00 P.M.

(Monday to Friday)


Rupees Nine Thousand Five Hundred Only (Rs. 9500/-)

To be paid after getting selected in the interview.

Minimum Qualification

A pass at 10 + 2 & a General Interview

Number of Seats

16(Sixteen) seats are available in all

Medium of Instruction



Admission form should be completed & submitted at the office of the institute after which the applicant shall be informed of the exact date for the interview.

Prospectus & Admission

Rupees Sixty Only (Rs. 60/-) Form Fee

Next Date of Start

September 2000